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"A Sugar-Sweet EB-5 Opportunity"

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Introducing the CTS™ Process

Alliance BioEnergy + has the first-to-market advantage with this new and emerging technology. Through its control of the master license holder, Carbolosic Corporation of Delaware, the U.S. Patent 8,062,428, its pending patents, and the unique chemical “Fingerprint” inherent in its process, Alliance BioEnergy + is positioned as the world leader in cellulosic processing.

The patented technology was created by University of Central Florida’s Blair Research Group under the direction of Dr. Richard Blair, and is touted as a game changer in the production of sugar, biomass and biofuels.  The CTS™ process is a simple, cheap and safe alternative to the current acid or enzymatic based processes that require liquid acids, cellulose pretreatment and long lengths of time to accomplish what the CTS™ process does in minutes. The CTS™ process also costs a fraction of other processes, and creates no waste or hazardous materials.

Carbolosic has found a way to convert cellulose to sugar through a patented dry, mechanical/chemical process called “CTS™” (or Cellulose-to-Sugars). This technology is at the leading edge of biofuel production, and is poised to revolutionize this rapidly growing industry.

How CTS™ Works

Market Demand

Growing Infrastructure

“The specifics of the CTS™ technology can be very technical, but its effect is rather straight forward. What it all boils down to is the patented CTS™ technology translates into an abundance of new and exciting possibilities. Its potential for the production of biofuels and other products will change the way the world thinks about sugar.”


Richard Blair, Ph.D., Research Professor in Physics and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Central Florida University and inventor of the CTS™ process