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"A Sugar-Sweet EB-5 Opportunity"

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only and does not constitute or form part of an offer to sell or solicitation of any offer to buy securities or a recommendation to invest in the proposed Project. Any decision to purchase or subscribe for securities should be made solely on the basis of information contained in a final offering memorandum, and related subscription agreement and limited partnership agreement, (collectively, the “Offering Documents”), delivered in connection with the Project.

The CTS™ project exhibits is an outstanding EB-5 opportunity because of US government backing. Federal and local governments support the development of the CTS™ technology due to its potentials for creating environmentally friendly biofuels, and the local jobs necessary to produce them. In addition, the US government supports the development of ethanol via cellulosic sugar because it minimizes the impact on crop prices and food supply.

Strength in Support

The world is also taking notice of the CTS™ technology’s vast potential. China and South Africa have taken steps to harness the technology that can help place them at the forefront of renewable energy production.



South Africa


South Africa’s recent establishment of regulated ethanol blending has provided an unprecedented opportunity in the renewable energy sector. Carbolosic’s CTS™ technology is perfectly suited for this development, and well positioned to capitalize on it. South Africa’s abundance of natural resources makes it an ideal proving ground for the CTS™ technology.


“CTS™ technology has limitless scope in South Africa due to an abundance of resources and growing fuel demands.”


Arno van Rooyen, CEO and co-founder of South Africa-based Spearhead Capital, Ltd.






China, the third largest producer of sugar globally, has also shown expressed interest in CTS™ technology. According to Dr. Ji Xing, Professor of Petroleum Chemistry at the Beijing Petroleum University, and Member of China’s Renewable Energy Association and Recycle Economy Association, the CTS™ method would have benefits for the country not only in biofuel production, but would also dramatically improve production output of the sugar crops.


“The [CTS™] project specifics outline that it has the potential ability to produce sugar from waste cellulose at highly competitive prices. This is exciting and would be a unique and significant breakthrough in the manufacture of factory-produced sugar.”


Dr. Ji Xing, Professor of Petroleum Chemistry at the Beijing Petroleum University, Member of China’s Renewable Energy Association and Recycle Economy Association.


Carbolosic Plant I, LLC has entered into an agreement with a leading global provider of mineral-based specialty solutions to test and prove the scalability of the company’s patented CTS™ technology. The partner is a significant multinational corporation, and realized revenues of more than $5 billion (USD) in 2013. Results have been very successful and point to the long-term profitability of the Project.

Significant Partnerships

“Biofuels are an important part of reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil and creating jobs here at home. But supporting biofuels cannot be the role of government alone. That’s why we’re partnering with the private sector to speed development of next-generation biofuels that will help us continue to take steps towards energy independence and strengthen communities across our country.”


-Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, 8/16/2011