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"A Sugar-Sweet EB-5 Opportunity"

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Market Demand

Introducing the CTS™ Process

Cellulosic sugar is in high demand and used in the manufacturing of Ethanol, Bio-Diesel, Bio-Plastics and other industrial applications.  In fact, global cellulosic ethanol demand is expected to increase from just over 14 million gallons in 2012 to more than 412 million gallons in 2020.  The Patented Carbolosic technology provides a "green" and inexpensive method of meeting this massive increase in demand.



Global Cellulosic Ethanol Demand









How CTS™ Works

Market Demand

Growing Infrastructure

How CTS™ Works

Market Demand

Growing Infrastructure

Cellulosic biofuels are mandated by Congress and the EPA and only exist when produced by using Cellulosic sugars.  There are currently very few commercially viable sources of cellulosic sugars available on the market today.  CTS™ sugar is uniquely positioned to be one of the only commercially viable cellulosic sugars to meet the Federal RFS2 cellulosic mandate for ethanol.  Besides being cheaper than conventional sugar or corn starch, CTS sugars offer a number of tangible benefits to ethanol and other fermentation plant operators.

Cellulosic sugar can also be refined into edible table sugar and a variety of other consumer and feed products. Lignin, a byproduct of the conversation process, has tremendous value on its own or can be further processed into fine chemicals and additives.